Polimery Police project

We have allocated our record-breaking revenue for 2022 to further developing our business. We keep working on investment projects that are already in progress, while embarking on promising new ones. In 2022, the construction of Polimery Police entered its final phase. It is our flagship investment, and one of the largest projects to have been undertaken within the chemical industry in Poland and Europe.
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worker chimney

Innovations in 2022

We turn good into better, and better into even better. We develop through innovation, relying not only on our external environment but also on our employees to source innovative ideas. We are convinced that innovation can significantly accelerate the chemical sector’s progress.
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climate and environment

Green Azoty project

At the Grupa Azoty Group, we acknowledge the pressing realities of climate change and environmental degradation, recognising them as significant threats to the contemporary world. Consequently, the Green Azoty project stands as a cornerstone within our 2030 Strategy. Its principal objectives encompass the vital tasks of decarbonisation, emissions reduction, implementation of research projects aligned with the European Green Deal, and integration of new, environmentally friendly, and zero-carbon energy sources.
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solar panel overlay

Letter from the President of the Management Board

Dear Stakeholders, 

as we reflect on the past year 2022, it stands out as a period marked by a number of challenging events on the global stage, with geopolitical and economic dynamics taking unexpected turns. 

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We give you this Grupa Azoty Group Integrated Report for 2022 with the belief that sustainable development and social responsibility are integral to our organisational culture and a vital imperative guiding our collective actions across the Group. Tomasz Hinc, President of the Management Board